Press Release

City of Jackson resident, Peter Bormuth, Democrat, announces his candidacy forthe House of Representative 64th District seat in 2016. Mr. Bormuth will work for lower taxes and less governmental interference with the constitutional and civil rights of citizens. He advocates fixing our roads with money from existing state revenues. He particularly believes that the two billion dollars of revenue per year currently allocated to the Department of Corrections budget is excessive governmental spending and that one billion could be used to fix our roads. He is a strong environmentalist dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of our citizens from pollution and cancer causing chemicals.

He understands that Michigan’s water is our State’s greatest natural resource and that it must be protected. He supports public education. He supports the right of workers to join unions. He supports the right of women to birth control and abortion. He advocates the legalization of marijuana. He supports a strict constitutional separation of church and state. And he promises to work hard for his constituents to make Michigan a better place to live.

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