Press Release

City of Jackson resident, Peter Bormuth, Democrat, For City Council

City of Jackson resident, Peter Bormuth, Democrat, announces his candidacy for City Council, Ward 2.

If elected I will support the 100 Homes program building new homes on the vacant lots in our City neighborhoods and giving hard working young people who qualify the opportunity to own their first home. I will work to prevent further increases in City Water rates. I will focus on helping our working & middle class citizens, rather than my opponent Freddy Dancy’s focus on the homeless. I will support development along East Michigan Ave, Page Ave and Cooper st, including marijuana businesses. I will try to get our city streets fixed without burdening homeowners with excessive assessments. And I will always support the rights of women and minorities, as well as our Constitution’s separation of church and state.

I understand that Michigan’s water is our State’s greatest resource and that it must be protected. I support the right of women to birth control and abortion. I support a strict constitutional separation of church and state. And I promise to work hard for my constituents to make Jackson County a better place to live.



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