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Peter Bormuth, Community Activist

I graduated from Parkside High School (Class of 1973) and the University of Michigan. My Father, Carl, was a Union member and tool and die maker at Hayes (later Hayes Albion and Harvard Industries). My mother, Elsa, was a sales clerk at Jacobson’s in downtown Jackson. Both were lifelong Democrats. Over the last six years, I have regularly attended County Commissioner and City Council meetings in Jackson. I know the issues and needs of our community. 

Despite never having held public office, my accomplishments on behalf of the people are not insignificant. From my position as a citizen activist, I spearheaded the local opposition to Proposal 1 (Road tax). I helped shut down the local garbage waste incinerator (JCRRF) which was discharging 65,000 gallons of ash quench water a day into the Grand River and I attended every meeting of the Solid Waste Planning Committee which created the new system to replace it. I stopped a company called Calumet LLC from building an oil tanker loading dock in Superior Wisconsin. They intended to run oil tankers and oil barges on Lake Superior carrying diluted bitumen which is a form of heavy oil that sinks. I challenged the DEQ and the EPA over the permitting of oil waste injection wells in Jackson County (Norvell Township) which would pollute our groundwater. I tried to stop the Michigan Department of Transportation from spraying Agent Orange on our roadsides. I stood outside Planned Parenthood, alone, with my sign supporting women’s reproductive rights, and faced down Mike Shirkey and his group of Christian anti-abortion protesters. I challenged Jackson County In Federal Court on their practice of delivering Christian prayers, which violates the Constitutional separation of church and state.

If elected I will support the 100 Homes program building new homes on the vacant lots in our City neighborhoods and giving hard working young people who qualify the opportunity to own their first home. I will work to prevent further increases in City Water rates. I will focus on helping our working & middle class citizens, rather than my opponent Freddy Dancy’s focus on the homeless. I will support development along East Michigan Ave, Page Ave and Cooper st, including marijuana businesses. I will try to get our city streets fixed without burdening homeowners with excessive assessments. I will stop the City from applying herbicides in our Parks. And I will always support the rights of women and minorities, as well as our Constitution’s separation of church and state.



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